Joel  Leyden

Do you have a name to protect?

Like lightning, Joel Leyden will protect your name in hours. Both off and online, Joel Leyden, one of the world's most respected reputation PR management professionals, will have you and your organization looking good.

Joel Leyden, an Internet marketing and branding pioneer since 1994, creates Web content via Websites, news sites, social media that protects you 24/7.

Joel Leyden does not operate a factory handling thousands of online reputation PR clients. Leyden digital is an experienced mid-sized agency which treats you with respect, not as a number. Joel Leyden wastes no time getting to work for you.

Joel Leyden is white hat. That means we do everything legally. We are not hackers nor do we need to be to get the job done quickly and effectively.

Is someone cyber stalking you?
Targeting your name, your family or business? Is a divorce and or other personal matters creating negative vibes on line?

Joel Leyden, will analyze the problem.
In hours Joel Leyden will be uploading information to the Internet to confront those seeking to harm you and eliminating much of the content that defames you.

Your Business Reputation Counts!
Because 90% of Internet users perform a search before doing business, the online presence of your business is critical to success. Negative reviews, blog posts, and comments - or worse, no presence in search results at all - can send prospective customers straight to your competitors.

Joel Leyden has been there and back. Leyden has defended hundreds of people and businesses on line. But of greater consequence, Joel Leyden has been the victim of online attacks as well.

Joel Leyden knows and understands the pain of having false, malicous information posted online.
Joel Leyden will use the same methods for which he protects his good name to protect yours!

Joel Leyden works with governmental, commercial and non-profit organizations.

Joel Leyden knows Cyber law - and will use the full arm of the law for you. Joel Leyden will contact local police and the FBI if the case warrants such action.

Joel Leyden's bottom line is your bottom line - looking good online today and tomorrow.

Joel Leyden